Keynote Speeches

Selected Keynote Speeches –

  • IACSIT International Conferences (ICNEE, ICSGS, ICMET, and ICIKM), at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-2012,

  • SCIEI International Conferences (ICCET, ICMEP, and ICSIC) at Vancouver Canada-2013, 

  • IACSIT International Conferences (ICNCT, ICTTA, and ICINS), at Jeju Island, South Korea-2014,

  • IACSIT International Conferences (ICINS, ICFET, and ICIKM), at Shanghai, China-2015,

  • ICRIE International Conference jointly by United Group of Institutions, India, and Asian Institute of Technology Thailand -2016), 

  • ICYDD International Conference, Youth Development and Digitalizationat Assam Central University Silchar jointly with Bangladesh High Commission & India -016

  • IACSIT International Conference (BDAI) at Chengdu, China– 2017, 

  • IEEE International Conference (ComPE-2020, at North-Eastern Hill University- A central University, India-2020), 

  • WSCIS International Conference at Shenzhen, China-2020,

  • HKSME-BDAI International Conference at Shenzhen, China-2020), 

  • ICICC International Conference at Xiamen, China-2021,

  • IEEE International Conferences (ComPE-2021, at North-Eastern Hill University-A central University, India-2021), 

  • National Convention, The Institution of Engineers India (IEI, at MITRC Alwar, India-2014), 

  • NCIACS Conferences at Bule Hora University, Ethiopia-2021,

  • PC Quest SMB keynote (panellist) on IT essentials for Success in Indian SMBs,  India-2011