Keynote Speeches

Selected Keynotes and Plenary Speeches

  1. Keynote Speaker, IACSIT International Conferences (ICNEE, ICSGS, ICMET, and ICIKM), at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (24–26 July 2012)
  2. Keynote Speaker, SCIEI International Conferences (ICCET, ICMEP, and ICSIC) in Vancouver, Canada, (April 13–14, 2013)
  3. Keynote Speaker, IACSIT International Conferences (ICNCT, ICTTA, and ICINS), at Jeju Island, South Korea, (April 11–12, 2014)
  4. Keynote Speaker, IACSIT International Conferences (ICINS, ICFET, and ICIKM), in Shanghai, China (July 29–30, 2015)
  5. Keynote Speaker, ICRIE International Conference, by the United Group of Institutions, India, and the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand- (2016)
  6. Keynote Speaker & Guest of Honor, “International Conferences on Youth Development & Digitalization at Assam University (Central Govt. University), Silchar, Assam, India, in joint Association with Bangladesh High Commission in India (February 13–15, 2017)
  7. Keynote Speaker, IACSIT International Conference (BDAI) at Chengdu, China, (2017)
  8. Keynote Speaker, “2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis (ICCCBDA-2017)” at Chengdu, China (April 28–30,  2017)
  9. Keynote Speaker, IEEE International Conference (ComPE-2020, at North-Eastern Hill University, A central university in India), India-(2020)
  10. TEDxRTU, Invited Speaker, as a ” Silent Tempest” at the TEDxRTU event organized by Rajasthan Technical University Kota, Rajasthan, India (April 9, 2017)
  11. Keynote Speaker, WSCIS International Conference at Shenzhen, China, (2020)
  12. Keynote Speaker, HKSME-BDAI International Conference at Shenzhen, China (2020) 
  13. Keynote Speaker, ICICC International Conference at Xiamen, China, (2021)
  14. Keynote Speaker, & Guest of Honor, “International Conferences on Youth Development & Digitalization at Assam University (Central Govt. University), Silchar, Assam, India, in joint Association with Bangladesh Study Center & India (13–15 February 2017)
  15. Plenary Speaker, “International Conferences on Youth 2025 at Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur in joint Association with SAARC Countries Bhutan, Nepal, and India (17-18 February 2017)
  16. Keynote Speaker, IEEE International Conferences (ComPE-2021, at North-Eastern Hill University-Central University), India-(2021)
  17. Keynote Speaker, International Conference on “Self-Reflection and Future Strategy” jointly by Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Center of the University of Rajasthan and Media Foundation-Indian Youth ParliamentJaipur, India, (November 2023)
  18. Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Recent Advances In Technology, Engineering, Science and Management by Lovely Professional University Punjab & IFERP (ICRATESM 2023)—Hybrid Conference (16th & 17th March 2023)
  19. Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Innovative Research and Practices in Commerce, Management and IT for Sustainable Development” by the Department of Accountancy and Business Statistics, the University of Rajasthan, -Indian Youth ParliamentJaipur, India (February 2024)
  20. Program Chair & Speaker, 3rd World Conference On Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science, Rome Italy (23-24 April 2024)
  21. Speaker & Guest of Honor, “28th National Convention & National Seminar on Mobile and Ubiquitous, organized by The Institution of Engineers (India) under the aegis of Computer Engineering Division Board (CPDB) Alwar-Rajasthan-India (February 22–23, 2014)
  22. Keynote Speaker, NCIACS Conferences at Bule Hora University, Ethiopia (2021)
  23. Chief Guest & Keynote Speaker, International Conference on “Research Trends in Computing Technologies,” Dr. NGP Arts and Science College Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India (August 2018)
  24. Keynote Speaker,The Emerging New World Order in the Post-pandemic Scenario,” a Multi-disciplinary International Conference (online), at St Xavier’s College, Jaipur, India, (February 18–19, 2022)
  25. Keynote Speaker, Virtual International Conference on “Impact of IoT and Machine Learning in Mechanical Engineering” at ARASU Engineering College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India-(August 2021)
  26. Chief Guest & Keynote Speaker, International Virtual Conference on Intelligent Computing in Humanity, Agriculture, Science, and Technology (ICHASH) 2022, by the PG and Research Department of Computer Science, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, on India, (25th & 26th, 2022)
  27. Invited Expert Panelist by PC Quest SMB for discussion on “IT essentials for Success in Indian SMBs” organized at Sarovar Portico, Jaipur, India (An International Magazine), India (July 15, 2011) 
  28. Plenary Speaker & Guest of Honor, “International Conferences on Innovations in Engineering in Technologies at Maharishi Arvind College of Engineering & Research Center (MACERC) in joint Association with Malaysian Institute, India (18–19 February 2017) 
  29. Chief Guest & Keynote Speaker, “International Conference on Recent Advancements and Innovations in Science, Management, and Informatics (ICRAISMI) at Maharishi University Jaipur, India (1 & 2 March 2024)
  30. Special Guest & Keynote Speaker, “International Conference on Astrology and Vastu Sastra” by Samriddhi Foundation, at Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, India (February 25 & 26, 2023)
  31. Eminent Speaker, World Environment Day (online), by Anuvrat Vishva Bharti Society in association with Bikaner Interdisciplinary Research Consortium, India (10–12 August 2023)
  32. Chief Guest & Speaker, National Convocation Ceremony at Poddar International College, affiliated to the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India (12 March 2023)
  33. Special Guest & Keynote Speaker, “World Education Conference at Central Sanskrit University (Jaipur Campus), India (10–12 March 2023)
  34. Chief Guest & Speaker, 4th Foundation Day Ceremony and Felicitation Day for Roton Consultancies Pvt Limited at RAS Club Jaipur, India (September 29, 2022)
  35. Chair & Advisory Speaker, Roundtable on Establishment of New Interdisciplinary Fields in Ayurveda and Yoga: Biomedical and Information Technology in Clinical Translation by Arogyam UK for Ayurveda Experts in Europe, UK, (May 27, 2022)
  36. Panelist Expert (Speaker), Rotary International District 3854 Seminar on “Importance of Skill Development (online)”, Jaipur, India (February 25, 2022)
  37. Moderator & Chairman of a Session, “Inclusion Issues for Persons with Disabilities,” India Internet Governance Forum (United Nations Initiative), organized by the Prime Minister of India, Delhi, India (November 2021)
  38. Keynote Speaker & Guest of Honor, “National Conference on Advances in Mathematical Sciences and Applications in Engineering and Technologies (AMS AET-2015) “at Poornima University, Jaipur, India (25–26 July 2015)
  39. Keynote Speaker, “International Conference on Science and Engineering Technology (ICISET-2011)” at V.V.P. Engineering College, Gujarat, India (8-9 March 2011)
  40. Keynote Speaker, “National Conference on Web Technology, Computing and Communication Technologies-2011” at Yagyavalkya Institute of Technology (YIT), Sitapura Jaipur, Rajasthan, India (15–16 April 2011)
  41. Invited Speaker, “INSPIRE Programme for Youth,” supported by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, at Amity University Jaipur Campus, India (January 16–20, 2017) 
  42. Keynote Speaker, “3rd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research & Practices-2016 (ICMRP-2016)” at Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India, 2016, (24, December 2017)
  43. Keynote Speaker & Chief Guest, Valedictory program, “National Conference RACIT-2011” at Arya Group of Institutions Kukas, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India (9–10 April 2011)
  44. Keynote Speaker, “National Conference on Holistic Growth: Symbiosis of Theory and Practices-2015” and Delivered Speech on “Big Data: An Exponential Growth of Data” at ST Xavier’s College, Jaipur, Rajasthan-India, (12–13 February 2015)
  45. Eminent Invited Speaker, National 4th HR Summit (2016) at the Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur-Rajasthan, India. (24/09/2016)
  46. Keynote Speaker & Guest of Honor, “International Conference on Converging Technology and Management (CTM-2014) “at Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur India (9 April 2014)
  47. Keynote Speaker, “3rd International Conference on Information Technology & Digital Applications” at JECRC College, Jaipur, India, (April 3–4, 2020)
  48. Speaker (Expert Talk), “Webinar on Research Orientations in Research Project VS Action Project”, at Bhartiya Skill Development University, Jaipur, India (May 2020)
  49. Speaker, “Institutions-Industry Interface Seminar”, at Jaipur National University, Jaipur, India (February 2021)
  50. Invited Speaker and delivered a talk on” Consequences of Green Computing and Communication—2016” at the IIS University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. (September 22, 2016)
  51. Eminent Speaker, National Seminar on “Making Indian Engineering World Class-2014” at the Institutions of Engineers India (IEI), Rajasthan State Center, Gandhi Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. (September 9, 2014)
  52. Invited Keynote Speaker, “National Conference on “Future Directions in Multidisciplinary Perspective of Computer Science & I.T.: Scope & Challenges-2015” at IIS University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, (30–31 January 2015).
  53. Special Guest & Keynote Speaker, “International Conference on Economic Consequences in COVID-19 Global Outbreak”. at Suboth PG College Jaipur, India (June 2021)
  54. Panel Expert (Speaker), “Conference on New Education Policy 2020″, by Rotary International 3054 District, Jaipur, India (April 15, 2021)
  55. Speaker (Resource Person), “Webinar on Research Orientations in Projects”, organized by Bhartiya Skill Development University, Jaipur, India (May 2020)
  56. Invited Keynote Speaker and Chief Guest, “National Conference on Advanced Computing (NCAC-2010)” at D.J. Academy for Managerial Excellence, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. (24-25/09/2010)
  57. Panel Speaker, “Indo-Ethiopian International Cooperation Workshop for Smart Cities”, jointly organized by Addis Ababa Science Technology University, Addis Ababa City Administration, and Technology Development Bureau Office, Ethiopia (March 2022)
  58. Invited as a Distinguished Subject Expert & Resource Person in Workshops and refresher courses for university and college academic staff in 2006, 2007, and 2008 at the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur-India (University Centre for Computer Science and Informatics and Centre for Converging Technology).
  59. Invited as a Distinguished Subject Expert to a national teleconference on “Human Rights for Marginalized Groups in India” hosted by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). The event featured a keynote address by Justice Shri J.S. Verma, the then Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission and former Chief Justice of India, with whom I had the opportunity to exchange views.
  60. Invited as a Distinguished Subject Expert and played a key role in shaping accessibility policies. In 2006, the Rajasthan government’s Commissioner for PWDs invited him, a technology-based rehabilitation expert, to draft a proposal for the “New UN Convention for Persons with Disabilities.”
  61. Invited as a Distinguished Subject Expert on Education and Rehabilitation at a national teleconference organized by Rajasthan’s Regional Centre for IGNOU. During the event, he shared his valuable perspectives with Dr. S.N. Jatiya, who was the Chief Guest and held the position of Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment in the Indian government at the time.